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Support and accommodation for women and children who experienced violence or have been threatened

Our offer includes:

  • Support to overcome the experienced violence
  • Support in contact with authorities
  • Support in legal and financial questions
  • Contact in proceeding consultation- and support offers
  • Offers dialogue with relatives/those involved
  • Advices in accordance with police execution
  • Consultation to the law of violence protection


After the first personal consultation, is the acceptance with free space capacity at once possible. Sons can be accepted up to the Age of 18.

You reach us at 0451-71628 or 705185, Mo – Fr. 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

It would be very helpful, if you could take your documents with you when leaving your home. In case the stress/ fear might be too intense or there is not enough time to take your documents with you, you could also get your personal belongings later with support of our women employees or the police.

Important documents / personal thingsWomenChild
document of identification / passport  x  x
birth certificates  x  
marriage license  x  
vaccination cart  x  
health insurance card  x  x
document of legal custody  x  x

Documentation re. unemployment
benefit/ social welfare

 x  x

tax card

work contact  x  
work permit  x  
residency permit  x  x
lease or name/ address of the landlords  x  
account documents / cheque card  x  
cash/ jewellery  x  
clothes  x  x
school things    x
medication if needed  x  x
house keys  x  
buggies    x
baby bottle    x
some toys    x